WordNet Domains Labels

Wordnet Domains contains 200 domains labels organized in a hierarchical structure (the WordNet Domains Hierarchy). Each synset of Wordnet 2.0 was labeled with one or more labels, using a methodology which combines manual and automatic assignments. The label FACTOTUM was assigned in case all other lables could not be assigned. Issues concerning the "semantics", the "completeness", the "balancing" among each domain coverage, and the "granularity" of domain distinctions, have been addressed with reference to the Dewey Decimal Classification.

Example: Bank

Sense Number Synset (Gloss) Domains
1 depository financial institution, bank, banking concern, banking company (a financial institution ...) Economy
2 bank (sloping land ...) Geography, Geology
3 bank (a supply or stock held in reserve...) Economy
4 bank, bank building (a building...) Architecture, Economy
5 bank (an arrangement of similar objects...) Factotum
6 savings bank, coin bank, money box, bank (a container...) Economy
7 bank (a long ridge or pile...) Geography, Geology
8 bank (the funds held by a gambling house...) Economy, Play
9 bank, cant, camber (a slope in the turn of a road...) Architecture
10 bank (a flight maneuver...) Transport

Sample of the Domain hierarchy

--> archaeology
--> astrology
--> history
--> linguistics
--> literature
--> philosophy
--> psychology
--> art
--> religion

--> dance
--> drawing
--> music
--> photography
--> plastic_arts
--> theatre

See the complete hierarchy.