WordNet Domains is a lexical resource created in a semi-automatic way by augmenting WordNet with domain labels. WordNet Synsets have been annotated with at least one semantic domain label, selected from a set of about two hundred labels structured according the WordNet Domain Hierarchy.

Information brought by domains is complementary to what is already in Wordnet. A domain may include synsets of different syntactic categories and from different WordNet sub-hierarchies. Domains may group senses of the same word into homogeneous clusters, with the side effect of reducing word polysemy in WordNet.

WordNet Domains includes WordNet-Affect, an additional hierarchy of "affective" domain labels, with which the synsets representing affective concepts are further annotated.

WordNet Domains also includes the mapping between WordNet domains and WordNet topics, and the emergent Wikipedia categories. This mapping leads to a coarse alignment between WordNet and Wikipedia, useful for producing domain-specific and multilingual corpora. Multilinguality is achieved through the cross-language links between Wikipedia categories.

WordNet Domains is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (obtain WordNet Domains).
WordNet Domains has been integrated in the multilingual lexical database MultiWordNet and it is also included in the distribution of MultiWordNet.